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Gina Faloola
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If you've come across my page it's probably because I join oodles of LJ communities. I don't really post much on my actual lJ, I'll warn you right now.

My interests go far and wide, so if we share any, I'd be happy to get new friends. I sound like a kindergartener, but there you go. That's okay.

Leave a note, if you want, on my ... one ... entry. lol


a streetcar named desire, al pacino, alfred hitchcock, angela's ashes, audrey hepburn, audrey tautou, ava gardner, backstreet boys, belle black, black sabbath, broadway, carole lombard, carrie, cecil beaton, center stage, chinese takeout, class of the titans, classic, classic shelle, cruel intentions, dan brown books, days of our lives, dead poets society, dean martin, debbie reynolds, deborah kerr, debutante, diner, dirty dancing, duran duran, elizabeth taylor, england, eric winter, farah fath, fire over england, flip flops, france, frank sinatra, franz ferdinand, friday the 13th, friends, gene kelly, gilmore girls, gina lollobrigida, ginger rogers, goldie hawn, gone with the wind, gossip girl, grace kelly, greece, greek mythology, gregory peck, greta garbo, harrison ford, harry potter, hayden christensen, hayden panettiere, his girl friday, ice cream, ingrid bergman, ipod, italy, jane eyre, jason cook, jeans, jim carrey, kirsten storms, kristin cavallari, laguna beach, laughing, lauren conrad, laurence olivier, law & order, led zeppelin, liam neeson, lucille ball, marlon brando, meryl streep, metallica, michelle williams, mimi lockhart-brady, musicals, natalie wood, olivia de havilland, paul newman, pet sematary (book), pizza, pussycat dolls, queen, quizes, rachel bilson, rachel mcadams, ralph fiennes, rebecca, rent, rex dimera, rimi, robin williams, rock hudson, salem's lot (book), sammy davis jr., saw, scarlett o'hara, scent of a woman, schindler's list, shawn douglas brady, shimi, shirley maclaine, shopping, sin city, soccer, sophia loren, star wars saga, talking, that hamilton woman, the breakfast club, the children's hour, the eagles, the godfather, the hills, the hives, the notebook, the others, the peanuts, the terminal, the truman show, tony bennett, vivien leigh, waterloo bridge, wayne's world, west side story, white oleander, wicked, wifebeaters, wonder woman, x-men